Dental Treatments

From Routine Cleanings to Root Canals - We Can Handle It All at Magnolia Dental

The professional hygienists and award-winning dentists in Upper Arlington believe in taking a “big-picture” approach to your smile! We offer a number of dental treatments, each designed to promote long-term dental health while also making your smile shine even brighter. And don’t worry – the members of our compassionate team can explain everything we do along the way to each member of your family!

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  • Standard Check-Ups & Routine Cleanings

    Most folks don’t need extensive “work” done on their mouths! In fact, the majority of our patients simply swing by our office twice a year for their check-ups and intensive cleanings. Looking for a comfortable office with convenient hours? Magnolia Dental is the correct choice!

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  • Dental Fillings

    Should we find a cavity, we use dental fillings to fill them in! Our team will let you choose between a variety of high-quality materials before moving forward; there are the less expensive amalgam fillings and the more natural-looking composite option. And don’t worry! Our office is a judgment-free zone. If you have a cavity, you are not alone and we’ll help restore your smile.

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  • Crowns & Bridges

    Designed to address advanced decay, crowns and bridges are two different pieces of hardware that help stop damage in its tracks. A dental bridge is a strong, false tooth that is implanted in place by “abutment” teeth on either side of the gap. These are typically employed when more than one tooth is damaged. Dental crowns refer to the “cap” that is placed over a damaged tooth in order to restore daily function and provide extra protection long into the future.

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  • Dentures & Partials

    We, at Magnolia Dental, believe in bringing dignified solutions to smile restoration. Our dentures are a set of natural-looking “false” teeth that replace others that have been damaged by either decay or an accident. Each set is uniquely tailored to your mouth, creating a comfortable, long-term fit and a joyous smile for years to come!

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  • Implants & Implant Restoration

    When we need to replace one or more teeth, we use a dental implant – a specially designed component that is “implanted” into the jaw. This option is efficient, cost-effective and widely available! And trust us – the procedure isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as it sounds.

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  • Root Canals

    We get it. This isn’t the most pleasant experience you can undergo, but it sure beats the discomfort and pain that come from a severely damaged tooth and gums. Luckily, we are constantly improving our technique and adopting new technologies to make this experience faster and more comfortable for all those that need it.

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  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions

    Some people have them. Some people don’t. Some people can live with them – some experience great pain and “crowding” among their other teeth when they start growing in! For those that need their wisdom teeth removed, we can help. Our expert team will provide an x-ray to get a better look into your gums before deciding the best moves forward. You could need all four teeth removed to remedy the issue or you could just need one taken out!

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